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Ashley is the subject of our latest custom image
image creation - August 2010

Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah day starts with a smile.

After all the planning and the study it is time for the bar mitzvah Ceremony.  At Bet Breira we are able to take photographs during the ceremony.  I position myself in the back as to stay movement free of all the guest.  Even though my team and I can take photographs during the ceremony I still create candid images before the ceremony in order to capture the sharpness of the three light setup we use for the before ceremony session.  Family gather one hour before the ceremony to be formally photographed with the Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

We inbar mitzvah posed images and photojournalism style photography to capture the angles and emotions of your day. 

Steven's theme for his party was baseball.  The sign in board and decoration photography session takes place around two months before the Bar/Bat Mitzvah day.  The best location for Steven was the ball field that he plays on everyday.

This poster showed at Steven's party at 60" wide by 24" inches high.  I took my tripod and camera to the ball field and had Steven hit the ball, run the bases.  Then I had him put on the glove in order to run

in, catch the ball and tag the base.  All of this is happening within just the bottom part of the poster.  Below is Steven's personal video of he and his family at the ball field one spring afternoon. All images are still photographs except at the end.

Steven's Day At The Field 

A party is great times with friends and family.  I had Steven grab 5 friends to come together for the "up" image to the right.  Next I made way to the top of my 4 step ladder and have Steven come together with more friends for the shot below.


One year earlier my team and I photographed Steven's sister Sammi's Bat Mitzvah


image creation - January 2004


Avery has more energy than the energizer bunny.  She had enough theme material that we created 5 different posters to show her vast creativity.  Avery and her family came into my Fort Lauderdale office to create  all  of the  images   for the posters.   I photographed Avery on the ladder, from the ladder  and  her

 Avery's Bat Mitzvah MTV Video Awards Theme Montage

dad lifted her to create the upside down look of the MTV poster.  Avery's mom, Val, came in with 150 images from Avery's early years and her own custom artwork for me to create a custom montage.  Because the theme was MTV Video Awards I created curtains for a stage appearance.

We start group photos at the temple at least one hour before the service begins.  My lighting assistant crew create candid images of the family at the Bema with the torah.  We find the right window light and architecture angles.  Our mix of classic and photojournalism creates images with sharpness and color clarity.  My team and I describe and explain each pose as we take the photographs.  Right down to the correct bend in the knee, we make sure you are a model.

Party candids go on all night long.  Multiple lighting creates a off camera shadow effect that looks smooth and natural.  You wont remember w


Zach is Avery's older brother.  We produced this image for his bar mitzvah in 2006


image creation - August 2010


The Orange Bowl was not just a Miami landmark, The Orange Bowl was a global destination.  Danny's dad made the arrangements for entry to the Orange Bowl, the fact that it rained endlessly made for an excellent feel of a dreary football day.  Danny had an incredible amount of great ideas for the different aspects of the day and I dedicated his ideas to image.  He wanted to run out of the tunnel so I created multiple ground level images of him running out of the tunnel, matched them together and now we have Danny running throughout the image.  The boys sitting in the locker room, at the top of the image, were recruits to the University of Miami and the coach let them sit in for the shot.

The whole family came dressed for a family portrait.

Danny's sister chose ours services for her 2010 wedding.

Rabbi Kaplan and Cantor Susman are always on time and ready to help with making the photography and video go smoothly.  Here Danny is reading from the Torah before the ceremony starts.  Family placement in the background is always a favorite.

Ever since the ash trays were taken away from the tables the smokers have had to leave the room.  My team and I work the room to take table photographs during the salad and all sit down times of the party. 



image creation - November 2005
I created this image in the studio.  Experience and time made this final product
as unique beyond he and his family's expectation.


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