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SAS Annual Convention - Miami Beach Convention Center

The Anderson Event Corp of Dallas Texas contacted me about photographing  four days of coverage for their client SAS.  The image to the right and below are from the opening morning session.  To the right Karin Büttner-Janz, MD, PhD gives her inaugural speech.  Years earlier Dr. Büttner-Janz, a native of East Germany, was competitive in sports specifically gymnastics.  She won 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze Olympic Medals from the 1968 Mexico City and 1972 Munich Olympics.

My team is ready for any rigorous schedule. Multiple photo and video is available with same day editing and uploading.  This is what we did for SAS.  While one meeting was happing, and being photographed, at The Miami Beach Convention Center my second photography and video crew were working Viscaya for the board of directors dinner.

Candid, groups produced by professionals who are into creating images.  My team is polite and double equipped, ready to make your experience easier and more fun.

360˚ image of the SAS convention floor


Fort Lauderdale Trade Delegation to Munich

The team leans on a new 325i after
a VIP tour at the world headquarters of BMW

Having traveled over 100,000 miles as the official photographer of private, corporate and government groups, you can be assured my team and I have the experience to make your event photography go smooth.  In Munich we were the guest of the past royal family and King Otto attended events with us 3 times during the 7 day event. 

Bernhard Schutte of Digital Media Network approached me about attending the this event in April of 2001.  In order to make the event complete he had all scheduled from late September till early October.  Over 50% of the group had to back out due to the events of 9/11 that same month.

5000 people fit into 1 of 20 equal sized beer tents at the Munich Fairgrounds

I stopped to pose with Steve Queior, Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce President, and Raymond Fried, Public Relations Director of Siemens Worldwide in which is headquartered in Munich.

Above King Otto, second from the left, working the crowd as our host of Oktoberfest at the Munich Oktoberfest fairgrounds.

King Otto with the Swiss, American and Austrian delegations
in front of his home, Nymphenburger Palace.


Exel Transportation Company of Dallas Texas at
The Coral Reef Club of Key Largo Florida

The first order of business was to photograph each award winners individual portrait and then arrange the group of annual award winners.  After dinner the boss grabs the microphone and the speeches begin.  After the speeches and awards ceremony the DJ, Boogie Brent,  played all the right tunes.  Always important to have the right musical motivation to get the mood going and the photographs will follow.



Pugliese Auction in Las Vegas

When I received the call from the Pugliese Company I had never heard of them.  It wasn't to long that the Pugliese name would become a household word with every person I know.  I was called in to photograph Anthony Pugliese in front of a map of the city of the future.  A city called Destiny Florida and he owns it.  After we created the image to he and his marketing staffs specifications he asked me if I would photograph him with his collection.  It turns out that Mr. Pugliese owns a major part of movie memorabilia from the history of Hollywood.  From the images of him and his collection I created the poster "The Collector", printed a 24"x36" print and took it to his office to give it to him.

" From this association Mr. Pugliese commissioned me to photograph and video tape his auction in Las Vegas.  We created the cover portrait of the catalog and photographed all extra items for the catalog as well.  The wicked witch of the west hat sold for $65,000 and Indiana Jones whip sold for $45,000.


Lloyd Boston speaks for Tommy Hilfiger at Macy's

When Macy's called about photographing and event for a fashion artist I had no idea it was for the Executive Vice President of Marketing for Tommy Hilfiger.  The first show was at Boca Town Center Macy's and I did all the usual ultra angles with studio lighting.  The next day I went to set up the lighting at Dadeland Macy's for the second show.  I found the event manager and gave her the DVD with the images form the day before.  I had only seen Lloyd Boston for the first time that day but from that appearance I knew he has the appearance and manners of a Hollywood movie star.  Ten minutes passed as I was setting up and Lloyd came out to the stage and asked me if I had taken the photos the day before.  I said yes, he reached to shake my hand and told me he is a big fan of my work and asked me if I would take a special photo of him after the show, the image to the right took only 30 seconds to produce.


Florida Trade Mission to London

nterprise Florida called me to be part of their Trade Delegation to England.  I had never been to England so I got on board and took the long flight.  The delegation was headed by Governor JEB Bush.  I photographed every event back to back without break for 4 days.  this included events at the US Ambassador's Residence, the US Embassy, the London Air show in Farnborough and a meeting with the prince of Kuwait in Cardiff Wales.    I was able to arrange an extra day to create the poster "The Doors of London"

The Doors of London is one full day of photographing over 100 doors and choosing the best ones for this poster.  I know realize that I missed Apple Records and #10 Downing Street.  Hard to say if I could have got close enough to take the shot at #10 or not.

JEB Bush speaks at the British American Club in London England
Three photographs are blended to create the ultra wide angle image.

One of my duties at the London Air Show was to walk inside the  Secret Service circle with JEB Bush and his personal assistant.  We went to every booth in the Florida Pavilion for personal time of the Governor and the participants as well as a group photograph.  At one point two Secret Service Officers picked me up under each arm and carried me out of the circle.  At the next booth the Governor turned for the photograph and let the Secret Service know that I was to be within their circle for the duration of his visitation.


Executive Portraiture

Once you have reached the level in life that you need a corporate portrait there two things that will concern you.  How to look your best and how long is this going to take.  Dr. Ferguson was pleasantly surprised that the photo session only took 15 minutes.  When she saw the final images she knew she had made the right phone call.

Dr. Enid Ferguson - San Fernando Hospital, Panama City Panama


Orly Penate - Fort Lauderdale Florida

One of the selections from the original first album of Orly Penate, international music artist.


#1 Auto Sales - Hollywood Florida

Special thanks to Regent Bank
I broke out the ladder to capture the full feel of the business façade capturing as many cars in the image as possible.  We waited for the right day for a subdued lighting for nice even shadowing and no squinting.


Selective Brands - Deerfield Beach Florida

Special thanks to Regent Bank
I like to highlight the product within the Executive Portrait.  This image is on the wall, at Selective Brands of Deerfield Beach,  in 48"x24" size to show off, the detail throughout the entire warehouse is incredible .


Head Shot Portraiture

There comes a time in every professionals career when we have to stand up and be counted.  I am constantly running head shot specials for both location or studio.  What ever your preference be it outdoors or in the air conditioning I accommodate both.


I started my food photography in the 1980's with Adam's Mark in St. Louis.  When I met Julie Gerber and was offered to photograph the monthly circular for Bread of Life Supermarket I jumped at the opportunity.  After Bread of Life Supermarket was sold to Whole Foods Market the management upped the photography to cover the Florida Region.  The salmon on the right was just one of hundreds of specialty images I create for the Whole Foods Florida Region.   All shoots include the chef, the marketing director and the art director from the advertising agency


Lighting and ambiance are the ingredients that Big City Tavern wanted for their photo shoot.  The wood bar with the bottles in the background worked for the look.  When the chef brought this burger out the entire management group came over to see how the photograph was being taken.    The staff was most impressed by the technique to light the back of the glass of beer.





Sushi Ray of Boca Raton is one of the most exciting restaurants in the Japanese cuisine realm of South Florida.  I took this photograph 3 years ago for Sushi Ray's advertising.  The image below was taken August 2010.



Coral Springs Marriot

Hotel Rooms can be tricky because no lens is made wide enough without distortion.
The trick to distortion free images is to take three individual photographs and merge them together without any flaws to show the blending.  These are just two of 18 rooms we photographed for the hotel brochure.


                            South Point Tower - Miami Beach Florida

The Interior Decorator of this multi million dollar condo on South Beach wanted to be in Interior Design Magazine.  I met with the house director to map out what time each room would be photographed according to the right day light coming in the windows.   Some rooms took only one light but others took 6 flash strobes to give the even look of professional lighting required by Interior Design Magazine.  Our crew of 6 people worked from dawn till past dusk to creatively document the masterpiece of Interior Designer Clare Tully.


Before Photoshopping

After Photoshopping

Regent Bank is the home bank of Fort Lauderdale Florida.  I have banked there for over 10 years.  I have photographed many of their events, brochures, interiors and exteriors.  This is their new facility  in Pompano Beach.  built from the ground up, it is a state of the art bank ready for business.  Every building has its right time of day and cloud cover.  Once the layout is established and the formatting is done, the photography takes place to accentuate its architecture and style.



Victor Harvey of Georgio Vodka came to me with only the black bottle.  He didn't know that color addition was possible.  Using Photoshop I created the blue and red bottles from the black bottle image.  This is why there is absolutely no difference in the highlights on each bottle.  I then silhouetted the black bottle and created the large bottle background with a different image taken from an elevated angle.  Victor Harvey thought he would have to wait for the two color bottles to be created before he could finish the photo shoot, I was happy to show him what the right image with the right Photoshop expert can do.


When a national telecommunication company    called   to

have hundreds of blue tooth ear pieces photographed we sought out to win the bid.  The specification was to have the pieces floating on an angle with shadow to complement the angle of the direction of light.  No problem,  my team completed 120 unique pieces with Photoshopped images for delivery in less that 48 hours.  The client was ecstatic and calls on our services around 6 to 8 times a year.



The Pultrusion Machine will make anything out of carbon fiber.  This one was only 5 foot from the wall on the near side.  I places the wide angle to get the front and back, one inch more and the back would not show.  Three stand mounted lights were placed on the far side of the machine to bounce off the near wall and reflect back into the machine.  After silhouetting and shadow creation the image of a clean environment machine was ready for management to sell.


The lighting is the least of all variables within a fashion shoot.  Creating the mood and body language is what makes fashion art directors come back to Spurlin Photography.





Destination Corporate Photography by Spurlin Photography:
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1998
Plano, Texas 1999
St. Louis, Missouri 2000
Panama City, Panama 2001
Munich, Germany 2001
London, England 2002
Anchorage, Alaska 2002
Vancouver, British Columbia 2002
Panama City, Panama 2004
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2005
Las Vegas, Nevada 2007
San Juan, Puerto Rico 2008
Panama City, Panama 2009
Panama City, Panama 2010

All transcontinental photo and video was sponsored by three companies:




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