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The white background is the timeless option that will never go out of style.  My High Key, white background, lighting techniques create flattering soft tonality to bring out skin tone and color.


By DAVID FLICK / The Dallas Morning News

Jack Ruby’s .38-caliber Colt Cobra would be unremarkable except for two things — it made history and it has had astonishing resale value.

The gun purchased in 1960 for $62.50 by the Dallas nightclub owner, who used it three years later to kill presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, will be auctioned in Las Vegas later this month.

Its owner, Florida real estate developer Anthony Pugliese III, declined to divulge his minimum auction price, other than to say it is more than $1 million.

Mr. Pugliese, who bought the gun for $220,000 in 1991, is happy to talk about almost everything else.

“It’s a matter of passion,” he said, explaining why he is selling the weapon. “If I do something, it’s a matter of passion, and now I have a new passion.”

Florida real estate developer Anthony Pugliese III says the reserve price for Jack Ruby's gun is at least $1 million
Blake Spurlin/Spurlin Photography

Florida real estate developer Anthony Pugliese III says the reserve price for Jack Ruby's gun is at least $1 million

Blake Spurlin/Spurlin Photography
Ruby revolver on display  at the Palms


The Maltese Falcon is one of the most famous statues in the world.  Mr. Pugliese's marketing staffed called me to create a portrait of him with the Maltese Falcon to match the portrait take 60 years earlier with Humphrey Bogart and the same exact statue. THE MALTESE FALCON
We took the portrait in the opposite position and concentrated on the signature Bogart lean.


City Lights was photographed in the studio on the very stage that you see.  I used Photoshop to cut out the group and stage.  I created the bucket lights and checkered floor were added as layers in Photoshop to complete this 2003 production.  Below is one of my favorite bands.  The "Insects" came in for a simple group of for with guitar.  The sunglasses set the feel.



The low camera angle was designed to bring out the grill and perfect look of the antique car.  I positioned the tripod to be just below head angle for the little girl.  Now mom needs to lean forward toward dad and everything is complete.  That is except for the baby crying.  The final product, which I cannot show due to contract, the baby looks great.  Out of 150 shots the baby came out good in about 6.  I took one of those faces and place it within this same image for a complete image. 


Marci and Landon have artwork of grape leaves in every room of their house. 
This tunnel of foliage is in Jupiter Florida.


The beach is one of Florida's most popular location for family photographs.  There are two times of the day that the lighting is available for beach portraiture.  The early morning and the half hour before sunset.


Multiple lights in subdued lighting is the magic that exposes the image.   Our style is to find a fade away background that complements the subject.  We know the spots in South Florida and the right time to complement the locations lighting.







Spurlin Photography has been in operation in South Florida since 1991.  At that time Blake Spurlin worked principally as a Miami photographer until Hurricane Andrew took the town and Blake, with his family, moved to Broward County and has been working as a Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Boca Raton and Miami Photographer ever since.  Fort Lauderdale photography is fast paced and competitive.  Spurlin Photography keeps the photography and service first with community service a close runner up.  Over 60,000 portraits have been produced by Spurlin Photography over a 23 year period.



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